The Iron Gods

A Flame Rekindled

After getting the power conduit repaired by Khonnir, the party once again ventured back into the ruins of the Divinity’s science deck to the broken elevator. After Dax reinstalled the power conduit the elevator hummed back to life and the warning message on the panels vanished. While two of the floors seemed inaccessible, the party was able to make it to the floor labeled “Engineering Deck.”

Their ascent into the engineering deck found them immediately set upon by some strange hound-like creatures, which were easily dispatched. Making their way deeper into the ruins they came across to orcs that were rummaging through junk. After a fight that claimed one of the lives of the orcs the other gave up and gave them some information about a purple haired woman being in charge of their business down in the ruins. Giving this information they allowed him to leave, unarmed of course.

As they made their way farther along, Atlarian came across, and startled, another pair of orcs along with a group of ratfolk. The scrappers immediately set upon the intruding party. While resting after yet another victorious fight as they recuperated and dealt with the slain bodies, a pair of ratfolk happened to wander in the room, on a assumed patrol, and immediately fled. The party followed them as best as they could and lost their trail. Taking the most logical way the ratfolk traveled the party came upon a strange room with obviously malfunctioning machinery being repaired by two repair drones who paid them no notice. Inspecting one of the many lighted panels in the room Flint initiated some sort of reboot which shut down the working drones, much to his surprise. Shortly afterwards a pair of visitors entered the room…

At last they had finally encountered the purple haired woman that the orc had mentioned as well as Sef had many days ago, as well as a apparent gargoyle. She demanded to know why they were there and was suddenly tangled by Atlarian’s web spell. The fight was ended swiftly with the swordsmanship of Faedra and the skilled marksman Flint’s impeccable aim.

Moving into the next room the party came upon a strange altar to some unknown god that even escaped Atlarian’s vast knowledge, as well as a giant set of black metal doors. Passing through the doors with a access card that they found on the purple haired woman’s body they saw the main reactor of Divinity. With the combinded knowledge of both Flint and Atlarian they deduced that they had to re initiate a fail safe on the reactor or it would explode, causing catastrophic damage to the town as well as killing them all.


After helping guide Dax in his efforts to initiate the fail safe the party was successful as the reactor blazed once again and shot the familiar violet flames outward towards the surface of Black Hill.

On their way out of the ruins they came across a scared ratfolk who they interrogated and found out he was a servant of the Lords of Rust who dwell in the town of Scrapwall and serve a mysterious master known only as Hellion. Upon returning to the town and speaking with the Council Members, it was suggested that they make their way to Scrapwall and find out what information that can about Hellion, as he may be a danger to Numeria


Roach Roach

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