The Iron Gods

Confronting Sanvil

Atlarian and Flint do some investigating.


After leaving the Temple of Brigh upon hearing about an attempted break in at the Foundry Tavern, Atlarian and Flint felt their suspicions about Sanvil hiding something were correct. Upon visiting the Market Square and finding out from other shopkeepers that he had not set up shop for the day they found the location of his home. After visiting his home and knocking several times they felt the need to investigate Sanvil’s home. After kicking in the door of the house, Flint was greeted with the whoosh of Sanvil’s blade, luckily he swung wide. Using this opportunity Flint attempted to strike Sanvil, purely self-defense of course, but did not land the blow. Atlarian made use of his magical might to cast a sleep spell on Sanvil and render him unconscious.

Using manacles and fetters that Flint carries in his line of work they restrained Sanvil with the intent to interrogate him…


Roach Roach

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