The Iron Gods

Uneasy Alliances

The party comes together.

After hearing about a 4000 GP reward for the return of the missing councilor Khonnir Baine the party gather at the Copper Coin as the town winds down from a long day. Flint engages in conversation with a local named Daximus who offers to take him to meet with Councilwoman Dolga Freddert. On the way there, Atlarian and Faedra follow them and end up accompanying them to meet with the Councilwoman.

Flint, Atlarian, Daximus, and Faedra have met with Councilwoman Freddert and went to talk to Val, the adopted daughter of Khonnir. After a brief run in with a reactivated repair drone, she is ecstatic that they are willling to help find her lost father and grants them a place to stay at the Foundry Tavern. After staying the night the party left to investigate the Black Hills Caves. After some travel into the caves they encountered a small tribe of skulks led by Sef. After striking a deal to rid her of a Jinkin problem, Sef grants them safe passage through the Black Hills Caves as well as a small pouch containing 5 strange cards bearing a brown stripe and some Silverdisks.


Roach Roach

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