The Iron Gods

Forging ahead

After spending some time in Torch, the party is called before the council to discuss the threat of this mysterious person known as Hellion. Having got very little information off of one of Meyanda’s fleeing cohorts the only thing the party knew was that Hellion was connected to the Lords of Rust, a mysterious group based in Scrapwall. The council states that they would pay a tidy sum of 8,000 gold if they can garner any information involving the Lords of Rust and the true threat they pose. Before their departure however, Joram Kyte asked the party if they could locate an associate of his named Dinvaya who was supposedly living in Scrapwall to avoid harassment from the Technic League that hap a presence in Torch, and that they should tell her that it was safe to return home.

After accepting the offer it was suggest that the party visit a place known as Aldronard’s Grave, which sits just south of Scrapwall. Upon arriving there they noticed smoke rising from the aging fort and managed to make their way inside where they found a group of people that appeared to have their own faces mutilated. After dispatching the would be assailants, they met with some followers of Sarenrae, who had been stationed in the fort and we’re subdued and bound. Grateful for the help, the Commander of the group told them they could use the fort as a refuge if they needed, and warned them of the dangers in Scrapwall.


Roach Roach

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