The Iron Gods

Return to the Black Hills Caves

After rejoining with their acquaintance Dax at Silverdisk Hall, the party goes to speak with a rested and healthy Khonnir at his home, he tells them of how grateful he is that the party came to rescue him. He encourages the party to return to the Black Hill Caves to further investigate what was found down there. He tells them that he would gladly identify anything they find down there free of charge as well as giving them access to using his forge at the Foundry Tavern workshop.

Since being granted free passage through the caves by the skulk leader Sef the party makes their way through the caves unhindered until making their way towards a part of the ship they hear the sound of rambling and chalk being scratched on a wall. Investigating the noise they find the strange four armed creature is somehow alive again and is writing crude symbols of Zyphus on the walls. He charges the party yelling some unknown language and is easily dispatched yet again. Atlarian is puzzled by his apparent revival and is curious to know what is behind it.

While exploring the strange rooms of what is assumed to be a lost part of the Divinity they find what appears to be a damaged elevator. Dax uses his skills to remove a broken power conduit that may be able to be repaired by someone in town. Further exploration finds several rooms covered in a thick brown fungus with the rotted corpses of what appears to be clerics of Brigh. Upon finding these the party is attacked by strange creatures that Faedra could only identify as vegepygmies, her own knowledge of these creatures was limited. Further investigation found a more powerful specimen that attacked them on sight. After fully searching the ruins they headed for the surface to speak with Khonnir of their findings.


Roach Roach

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