The Iron Gods

Sanvil revealed

The investigation Bears Fruit


After waking up and making her way to the Temple of Brigh to find Atlarian and Flint, Faedra learns that the pair had went off seeking to procure a Vitality Serum from a local merchant who may have it. Unbeknownst to her they were actually looking to track down Sanvil and ask him some questions about their suspicions of him. Making her way to the market to ask if anyone had seen them she heard they had headed north from the Market Square. Using her tracking skills she found her way to a house that had signs of a scuffle in front of it as well as that the door had been kicked in. Hearing voices inside she quietly tries to open the door…


Having bound Sanvil with Flint’s manacles and fetters, Atlarian and Flint are about to interrogate him, when Faedra slowly opens the door. Bringing her in and facing some questions on how to deal with him Atlarian begins searching the house to find anything to confirm his suspicions. While looking oh his person, Flint discovers a cleverly hid Technic League pin under several folds of leather on Sanvil’s coat.

With the revelation of the pin the party decides what must be done with Sanvil. After awakening the unconscious man they begin asking him about his business in Torch and why they shouldn’t kill him. He pleads with the party fearing for his own life that he’ll provide them any information he can as well as reporting back to the Technic League as a double agent working for the party.

Among some of the information given to them is that about suspicions about Garmen Ulreth being involved somehow with the extinguishing of the flames atop Black Hill. Sanvil himself was investigating Garmen’s interest in a warehouse on the northeast part of town. He tells the party that he can usually find Garmen at Silverdisk Hall and perhaps could find some information there.

After leaving Sanvil to his own doings the party heads to the Temple of Brigh to deliver the Vitality Serum to Joram so that he may give it to Khonnir. Joram tells them it will take some time and so the party takes their leave and makes their way to Silverdisk Hall*. Upon arriving and not knowing what Garmen looks like the party partakes in some games of Twentybone. While gambling they are approached by a smiling man who congratulates them on their excellent luck. He introduces himself as Garmen Ulreth and extends them a gift of credit in Silverdisk Hall and confesses he has prior business to tend to, but before leaving Atlarian arranges a meeting with him to take place the following day.


Roach Roach

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