The Iron Gods

The rescue of Khonnir Baine

After venturing their way deeper into the caves the party made their way onto what appears to be the remnants of the Divinity. After running into a strange otherworldly creature and some four-armed skeletons they made their way into a portion of the ship that oddly still had power. After running into a less skeletal version of the four armed creatures, it was quickly dispatched.

As the party pressed on they came to a corridor with dried blood. Following the blood led them through some peculiar rooms with all manner of glowing screens and lit consoles. After a run in with some strange automatons they found Khonnir locked in some kind of humming tube like device. He seemed well but could not walk on his own and was babbling incoherently. It seemed his condition was beyond any of their skills to cure. So it was decided upon to take him back to Torch. Perhaps someone there could help.

Upon emerging from the underwater cave the party was awaited by a technology merchant named Sanvil. He greeted them warmly and informed them that he expected their arrival. Congratulating them on a job well done for rescuing Khonnir, he offered to fetch Joram Kyte, a healer at the Temple of Brigh. After being told that he would do all he can to help Khonnir, Joram took him to the Temple and said they could visit him there later.

Thereafter Sanvil told the party that they could come visit him any time at his shop in the Market Square and he would be happy to look at any technology they found. Atlarian and Flint had suspicions of his motives. After parting ways with Sanvil the party made its way to the Town hall to speak with Dolga and tell her of Khonnir’s safe return, as well as informing Val. Tired from their ordeal in the Black Hills Caves, Faedra decided to head back to the Foundry Tavern and rest of the evening and Dax opting to return home as well, but hoping to work with them again if they would like.


Not letting his suspicions go Atlarian decided to pay Sanvil a visit at his shop. After talking briefly with him before being interrupted by Flint, Atlarian felt that he was hiding something. They both share the suspicion that he may be an agent of The Technic League.

Fearing that Khonnir’s life may be in danger the pair of them decided to stay at the Temple of Brigh and rest there while keeping a vigil. Morning arrived and they awoke to seeing Val speaking to Joram and walking into a room. Joining her in the room momentarily they spoke to Khonnir about his condition and that it was beyond Joram’s ability to heal and may require a more technological solution. He had been injected with some unknown form of nanites. One such cure may lie in the hands of Sanvil so the two had decided to once again pay a visit to his shop. On their way out Val informs them that someone was poking around her father’s workshop at the Foundry Tavern…


Roach Roach

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