Inferno Pistol

weapon (ranged)

TYPE: one-handed range
PROFICIENCY: exotic (firearms)
DMG (M): 1d6 fire DMG (S): 1d4 fire CRITICAL: x2
RANGE: 30 ft.
CAPACITY: 1 nanite canister
USAGE: 1 charge
SPECIAL: touch
WEIGHT: 2 lbs.

PRICE: 5,000 GP


An inferno pistol is a less refined variant of the longer-range laser pistol. Unlike a laser pistol, which uses an intensely focused beam of light to burn a target, an inferno pistol is much less elegant it generates a blob of molten, red-hot material and fires what appears to be a burning pellet of fire with a soft hissing sound. This material is consumed swiftly in firing, leaving behind nothing but ash and painful burns on anything it strikes. On a critical h it, a shot from an inferno pistol also inflicts 1 point of burn damage (Reflex DC 12 negates). An inferno pistol has a maximum range of 5 increments.

Inferno Pistol

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