The Iron Gods

Forging ahead

After spending some time in Torch, the party is called before the council to discuss the threat of this mysterious person known as Hellion. Having got very little information off of one of Meyanda’s fleeing cohorts the only thing the party knew was that Hellion was connected to the Lords of Rust, a mysterious group based in Scrapwall. The council states that they would pay a tidy sum of 8,000 gold if they can garner any information involving the Lords of Rust and the true threat they pose. Before their departure however, Joram Kyte asked the party if they could locate an associate of his named Dinvaya who was supposedly living in Scrapwall to avoid harassment from the Technic League that hap a presence in Torch, and that they should tell her that it was safe to return home.

After accepting the offer it was suggest that the party visit a place known as Aldronard’s Grave, which sits just south of Scrapwall. Upon arriving there they noticed smoke rising from the aging fort and managed to make their way inside where they found a group of people that appeared to have their own faces mutilated. After dispatching the would be assailants, they met with some followers of Sarenrae, who had been stationed in the fort and we’re subdued and bound. Grateful for the help, the Commander of the group told them they could use the fort as a refuge if they needed, and warned them of the dangers in Scrapwall.

A Flame Rekindled

After getting the power conduit repaired by Khonnir, the party once again ventured back into the ruins of the Divinity’s science deck to the broken elevator. After Dax reinstalled the power conduit the elevator hummed back to life and the warning message on the panels vanished. While two of the floors seemed inaccessible, the party was able to make it to the floor labeled “Engineering Deck.”

Their ascent into the engineering deck found them immediately set upon by some strange hound-like creatures, which were easily dispatched. Making their way deeper into the ruins they came across to orcs that were rummaging through junk. After a fight that claimed one of the lives of the orcs the other gave up and gave them some information about a purple haired woman being in charge of their business down in the ruins. Giving this information they allowed him to leave, unarmed of course.

As they made their way farther along, Atlarian came across, and startled, another pair of orcs along with a group of ratfolk. The scrappers immediately set upon the intruding party. While resting after yet another victorious fight as they recuperated and dealt with the slain bodies, a pair of ratfolk happened to wander in the room, on a assumed patrol, and immediately fled. The party followed them as best as they could and lost their trail. Taking the most logical way the ratfolk traveled the party came upon a strange room with obviously malfunctioning machinery being repaired by two repair drones who paid them no notice. Inspecting one of the many lighted panels in the room Flint initiated some sort of reboot which shut down the working drones, much to his surprise. Shortly afterwards a pair of visitors entered the room…

At last they had finally encountered the purple haired woman that the orc had mentioned as well as Sef had many days ago, as well as a apparent gargoyle. She demanded to know why they were there and was suddenly tangled by Atlarian’s web spell. The fight was ended swiftly with the swordsmanship of Faedra and the skilled marksman Flint’s impeccable aim.

Moving into the next room the party came upon a strange altar to some unknown god that even escaped Atlarian’s vast knowledge, as well as a giant set of black metal doors. Passing through the doors with a access card that they found on the purple haired woman’s body they saw the main reactor of Divinity. With the combinded knowledge of both Flint and Atlarian they deduced that they had to re initiate a fail safe on the reactor or it would explode, causing catastrophic damage to the town as well as killing them all.


After helping guide Dax in his efforts to initiate the fail safe the party was successful as the reactor blazed once again and shot the familiar violet flames outward towards the surface of Black Hill.

On their way out of the ruins they came across a scared ratfolk who they interrogated and found out he was a servant of the Lords of Rust who dwell in the town of Scrapwall and serve a mysterious master known only as Hellion. Upon returning to the town and speaking with the Council Members, it was suggested that they make their way to Scrapwall and find out what information that can about Hellion, as he may be a danger to Numeria

Meeting with Garmen

Arriving at Silverdisk Hall once again the party goes to the meeting with Garmen arranged by Atlarian. They question him if he knows anything about the extinguishing of the fires atop Black Hill and he says that he does not, although according to Sanvil, he may be the culprit. After reluctantly agreeing to let Atlarian question some of the patrons of the Silverdisk Hall he bids them a good day and good luck on their search for answers. Atlarian’s inquiries are met with no answers but he arranges to meet with one of the barmaids after her shift is concluded.

While waiting the party returns to Khonnir who presents them with a repaired power conduit that may repair the broken elevator they found.


During his evening with the barmaid Atlarian investigates if she knows anything about the flames and she regretfully informs him that she knows nothing, however she does mention that she may have heard people talking that the Technic League was involved to use the lack of prosperity to gain a foothold in Torch for almost no effort or cost…

Return to the Black Hills Caves

After rejoining with their acquaintance Dax at Silverdisk Hall, the party goes to speak with a rested and healthy Khonnir at his home, he tells them of how grateful he is that the party came to rescue him. He encourages the party to return to the Black Hill Caves to further investigate what was found down there. He tells them that he would gladly identify anything they find down there free of charge as well as giving them access to using his forge at the Foundry Tavern workshop.

Since being granted free passage through the caves by the skulk leader Sef the party makes their way through the caves unhindered until making their way towards a part of the ship they hear the sound of rambling and chalk being scratched on a wall. Investigating the noise they find the strange four armed creature is somehow alive again and is writing crude symbols of Zyphus on the walls. He charges the party yelling some unknown language and is easily dispatched yet again. Atlarian is puzzled by his apparent revival and is curious to know what is behind it.

While exploring the strange rooms of what is assumed to be a lost part of the Divinity they find what appears to be a damaged elevator. Dax uses his skills to remove a broken power conduit that may be able to be repaired by someone in town. Further exploration finds several rooms covered in a thick brown fungus with the rotted corpses of what appears to be clerics of Brigh. Upon finding these the party is attacked by strange creatures that Faedra could only identify as vegepygmies, her own knowledge of these creatures was limited. Further investigation found a more powerful specimen that attacked them on sight. After fully searching the ruins they headed for the surface to speak with Khonnir of their findings.

Sanvil revealed
The investigation Bears Fruit


After waking up and making her way to the Temple of Brigh to find Atlarian and Flint, Faedra learns that the pair had went off seeking to procure a Vitality Serum from a local merchant who may have it. Unbeknownst to her they were actually looking to track down Sanvil and ask him some questions about their suspicions of him. Making her way to the market to ask if anyone had seen them she heard they had headed north from the Market Square. Using her tracking skills she found her way to a house that had signs of a scuffle in front of it as well as that the door had been kicked in. Hearing voices inside she quietly tries to open the door…


Having bound Sanvil with Flint’s manacles and fetters, Atlarian and Flint are about to interrogate him, when Faedra slowly opens the door. Bringing her in and facing some questions on how to deal with him Atlarian begins searching the house to find anything to confirm his suspicions. While looking oh his person, Flint discovers a cleverly hid Technic League pin under several folds of leather on Sanvil’s coat.

With the revelation of the pin the party decides what must be done with Sanvil. After awakening the unconscious man they begin asking him about his business in Torch and why they shouldn’t kill him. He pleads with the party fearing for his own life that he’ll provide them any information he can as well as reporting back to the Technic League as a double agent working for the party.

Among some of the information given to them is that about suspicions about Garmen Ulreth being involved somehow with the extinguishing of the flames atop Black Hill. Sanvil himself was investigating Garmen’s interest in a warehouse on the northeast part of town. He tells the party that he can usually find Garmen at Silverdisk Hall and perhaps could find some information there.

After leaving Sanvil to his own doings the party heads to the Temple of Brigh to deliver the Vitality Serum to Joram so that he may give it to Khonnir. Joram tells them it will take some time and so the party takes their leave and makes their way to Silverdisk Hall*. Upon arriving and not knowing what Garmen looks like the party partakes in some games of Twentybone. While gambling they are approached by a smiling man who congratulates them on their excellent luck. He introduces himself as Garmen Ulreth and extends them a gift of credit in Silverdisk Hall and confesses he has prior business to tend to, but before leaving Atlarian arranges a meeting with him to take place the following day.

A bump in the night
Something stirs at the Foundry Tavern..


While resting after the rescue of Khonnir at the Foundry Tavern, Faedra hears the sound of the chains locking the door to Khonnir’s foundry being tampered with. As she goes to investigate whomever had been tampering with them had fled but had been unsuccessful in their attempt to break in. Faedra notified Val of the attempt who had informed Atlarian and Flint before they went about their business of the day.

Confronting Sanvil
Atlarian and Flint do some investigating.


After leaving the Temple of Brigh upon hearing about an attempted break in at the Foundry Tavern, Atlarian and Flint felt their suspicions about Sanvil hiding something were correct. Upon visiting the Market Square and finding out from other shopkeepers that he had not set up shop for the day they found the location of his home. After visiting his home and knocking several times they felt the need to investigate Sanvil’s home. After kicking in the door of the house, Flint was greeted with the whoosh of Sanvil’s blade, luckily he swung wide. Using this opportunity Flint attempted to strike Sanvil, purely self-defense of course, but did not land the blow. Atlarian made use of his magical might to cast a sleep spell on Sanvil and render him unconscious.

Using manacles and fetters that Flint carries in his line of work they restrained Sanvil with the intent to interrogate him…

The rescue of Khonnir Baine

After venturing their way deeper into the caves the party made their way onto what appears to be the remnants of the Divinity. After running into a strange otherworldly creature and some four-armed skeletons they made their way into a portion of the ship that oddly still had power. After running into a less skeletal version of the four armed creatures, it was quickly dispatched.

As the party pressed on they came to a corridor with dried blood. Following the blood led them through some peculiar rooms with all manner of glowing screens and lit consoles. After a run in with some strange automatons they found Khonnir locked in some kind of humming tube like device. He seemed well but could not walk on his own and was babbling incoherently. It seemed his condition was beyond any of their skills to cure. So it was decided upon to take him back to Torch. Perhaps someone there could help.

Upon emerging from the underwater cave the party was awaited by a technology merchant named Sanvil. He greeted them warmly and informed them that he expected their arrival. Congratulating them on a job well done for rescuing Khonnir, he offered to fetch Joram Kyte, a healer at the Temple of Brigh. After being told that he would do all he can to help Khonnir, Joram took him to the Temple and said they could visit him there later.

Thereafter Sanvil told the party that they could come visit him any time at his shop in the Market Square and he would be happy to look at any technology they found. Atlarian and Flint had suspicions of his motives. After parting ways with Sanvil the party made its way to the Town hall to speak with Dolga and tell her of Khonnir’s safe return, as well as informing Val. Tired from their ordeal in the Black Hills Caves, Faedra decided to head back to the Foundry Tavern and rest of the evening and Dax opting to return home as well, but hoping to work with them again if they would like.


Not letting his suspicions go Atlarian decided to pay Sanvil a visit at his shop. After talking briefly with him before being interrupted by Flint, Atlarian felt that he was hiding something. They both share the suspicion that he may be an agent of The Technic League.

Fearing that Khonnir’s life may be in danger the pair of them decided to stay at the Temple of Brigh and rest there while keeping a vigil. Morning arrived and they awoke to seeing Val speaking to Joram and walking into a room. Joining her in the room momentarily they spoke to Khonnir about his condition and that it was beyond Joram’s ability to heal and may require a more technological solution. He had been injected with some unknown form of nanites. One such cure may lie in the hands of Sanvil so the two had decided to once again pay a visit to his shop. On their way out Val informs them that someone was poking around her father’s workshop at the Foundry Tavern…

A sudden case of Narcalepsy


Before the party set out for the black hills caves Atlarian used a sleep spell to put the owner of Tempting Tonics, Jhestine, to sleep and stole 250 GP worth of cure light wounds potions.

It’s safe to assume the town guard has been notified.

Uneasy Alliances
The party comes together.

After hearing about a 4000 GP reward for the return of the missing councilor Khonnir Baine the party gather at the Copper Coin as the town winds down from a long day. Flint engages in conversation with a local named Daximus who offers to take him to meet with Councilwoman Dolga Freddert. On the way there, Atlarian and Faedra follow them and end up accompanying them to meet with the Councilwoman.

Flint, Atlarian, Daximus, and Faedra have met with Councilwoman Freddert and went to talk to Val, the adopted daughter of Khonnir. After a brief run in with a reactivated repair drone, she is ecstatic that they are willling to help find her lost father and grants them a place to stay at the Foundry Tavern. After staying the night the party left to investigate the Black Hills Caves. After some travel into the caves they encountered a small tribe of skulks led by Sef. After striking a deal to rid her of a Jinkin problem, Sef grants them safe passage through the Black Hills Caves as well as a small pouch containing 5 strange cards bearing a brown stripe and some Silverdisks.


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