Tag: Lords of Rust


  • Soothe

    This strange, pink, gel-like substance is generally contained in a small glass jar that holds 1 dose. A single dose of soothe dulls pain and creates a euphoric sensation, particularly when applied to an open wound. Rubbing a dose of soothe onto one 's …

  • Forging ahead

    After spending some time in *[[Torch | Torch]]*, the party is called before the council to discuss the threat of this mysterious person known as *[[:hellion | Hellion]]*. Having got very little information off of one of *[[:meyanda | Meyanda's]]* …

  • Scrapwall

    [[File:427981 | class=media-item-align-none | scrapwallbanner.jpg]] As the starship _Divinity_ hurtled toward its fate during the Rain of Stars in -4363 AR, it broke apart in the skies above *[[Numeria | Numeria]]*. Many of these ship sections burned up …

  • Lords of Rust

    The rulers of *[[Scrapwall | Scrapwall]]* that have muscled their way to the top and have all the gangs under their thumb, led by the mysterious *[[:hellion | Hellion]]*