The Iron Gods

Meeting with Garmen

Arriving at Silverdisk Hall once again the party goes to the meeting with Garmen arranged by Atlarian. They question him if he knows anything about the extinguishing of the fires atop Black Hill and he says that he does not, although according to Sanvil, he may be the culprit. After reluctantly agreeing to let Atlarian question some of the patrons of the Silverdisk Hall he bids them a good day and good luck on their search for answers. Atlarian’s inquiries are met with no answers but he arranges to meet with one of the barmaids after her shift is concluded.

While waiting the party returns to Khonnir who presents them with a repaired power conduit that may repair the broken elevator they found.


During his evening with the barmaid Atlarian investigates if she knows anything about the flames and she regretfully informs him that she knows nothing, however she does mention that she may have heard people talking that the Technic League was involved to use the lack of prosperity to gain a foothold in Torch for almost no effort or cost…


Roach Roach

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